The Pipeline

One of the things I love about serving at Suncrest is that “leaders get to lead.”  I know that probably sounds obvious (and biblical), but I’ve been around enough unhealthy churches that I know many of “led” by people who aren’t gifted to lead.

Direction gets set (or is often left unset) by the squeaking wheels, the longest-serving members, the most threatening people, or a church vote.  Around here, though, we try to lift up the value of leadership…affirm it, recruit for it, model it, empower it.  We get it wrong a lot.  But God’s often been good to us in getting it right.

If you are a leader, you can’t help but think in terms of a “pipeline”.  There is not a path to growth that doesn’t depend on you constantly having more and more and more leaders.  So developing one set of leaders is never enough…it is always about creating a pipeline for future leaders also.

Six months ago at Suncrest about 25 guys were invited by our staff and committed to a 16 month “Leadership Track”.  Last weekend, we went on a Friday/Saturday retreat.  It was a rich time of learning (with one of my former professors, Dr. Don Green) and also conversation and reflection. 

At the end of the weekend we asked each guy to reflect on two things they brought with them to the retreat that they wanted to “leave behind” and two things they wanted to make sure they took away.  We have long lists for both, but here is sample…

Baggage to Leave Behind:  Selfish mindset, Procrastination, Fear of commitment, Fear of failure, reliance on ME to lead rather than allowing God to use me to lead, Evaluation rather than participation, Criticism of others, Impression management

Commitments to Take Home: New energy, Passion, Get my house in order- be the spiritual leader, Look (and allow others to see) below the surface, Seek out an accountability partner, Emotional maturity & spiritual maturity go together, Seek first to serve, Know my motives, Leadership is not about what I am doing but what God is doing through me, Start with leadership at home

There was a lot more, but you get the idea.  I appreciate the investment of each of these guys into making the weekend a place to grow our personal leadership…and feed the leadership pipeline at Suncrest.

~ by Greg Lee on February 4, 2010.

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