Multi-site leaders

I took three of our staff to Dallas this week to meet with multi-site leaders from around the country.  It’s no secret that our multi-site strategy is going to ramp up here in the coming months with plans to launch 2 more campuses this fall.

I still can’t believe we get to be included in some of these leadership circles, but it makes me especially thankful for Leadership Network and the focus of their role with the Churches across America (and now, worldwide).  Their simple purpose is to “connect innovators to multiply”.

I’ve benefited so much from them individually and now our team is fortunate to be surrounded with churches in the trenches tackling the same initiatives AND have the best thinkers in the multi-site movement in the room with us.  Special thanks to Greg Ligon from Leadership Network,  Mac Lake from Seacoast Church and Kevin Penry from LifeChurch for letting us soak up everything you have to offer.

~ by Greg Lee on January 22, 2010.

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