Running Through the Airport

I always laugh at people I see running through the airport.  Today they were laughing at me.

I delayed a trip to Dallas to stay and do Nancy Sanasack’s funeral this morning.  If you know me, you know Nancy meant a lot to me and our family…along with our church and our community.  You can read this post I wrote about her when she was diagnosed with cancer two and half years ago.  Like I told Ken this morning, delaying my trip was the easiest decision I would make all year.

So I pulled away from Chapel Lawn Funeral Home at 11:45am and knew I was in good shape to make my 2:15 flight.  That is until I got a text saying that flight was severely delayed and would cause me to miss the rest of today’s meetings in Dallas.  I remembered there was also a 1:10pm flight also and decided I would do everything I could to be sitting on that flight when it left.

I made good time to the airport.  The shuttle bus could not come fast enough.  before I went through security, I saw the screen said that flight was “Boarding” and then I nearly sprinted to the gate  — the FURTHEST one from security.  I’m sure I looked silly, but I made the flight. 

I did feel bad for the two people on each side of me who had to put up with a sweaty guy sitting between them.

Great stuff here in Dallas hanging with our campus pastors (current and future) along with a learning community of multi-site leaders from 6 other  churches from all over the US and Canada.  More on that tomorrow…

~ by Greg Lee on January 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Running Through the Airport”

  1. That sounds familiar to my excess falling experience trying to catch a train on time in chicago. I didn’t know about nancy, may she rest in peace.

  2. I had to do that one time too! Ran (in a skirt) all the way to the gate (furthest from security). Made it, and even got to sit in first class!!

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