Haiti…what a week

One more post here to finish out this week about Haiti.

1.  I just found out Jamalyn and her team are back on US soil in Miami.  Their whole team is safe, but they personally experienced much devastation, including the death of some Haitian Friends.  Praise God for their return…and keep praying.

2.  Lovely Gentry is the girl (now a college student) that was adopted from Haiti years ago by Suncrester Mary Gentry.  She has family in Haiti and has heard her brother is OK, but nothing from her aunt, uncle, or 2 sisters.  We can only try to imagine what she is feeling as she waits.  Praise God for her brother’s safety..and keep praying.

3.  Tomorrow in our services, Suncrest will give any who desire to give financially toward relief efforts a chance to do so.  Our Benevolence Fund is “ready in advance” to be generous because of your incredible generosity at Christmas and is making a generous gift toward relief efforts.  All gifts received Sunday will be added to that.

~ by Greg Lee on January 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Haiti…what a week”

  1. Lovely heard that her Aunt and Uncle are o.k. her cousins all received injuries but are o.k. Her sister finally was found and sadly she lost her 6 year old daughter and her 3 year old son has injuries to his head and feet. Her half-brother lost several cousins from his family. Continued prayers for Lovely as she is starting a new semester of college this week and she is devastated by all of this hurt and loss. She is a strong girl and will do well but it is going to take a lot of prayers and all of her might. Love you Lovely. Mom

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