Pray for my friends in Haiti

Map locating the epicentre of a 7.0-magnitude quake that hit ...One of the things that happens in this ministry life is that you end up knowing people literally around the world because of many missions connections.  Whenever something big happens in the world, there is almost always a face that comes to mind of someone I know there.

So when the news of a devastating earthquake in Haiti came…my mind went two different directions:

-Our children’s ministry supports  some children there at a great school outside of Port-au-Prince.  There are lots of suncrest connections with this including a wonderful young woman who now lives here after being adopted into a suncrest family.

-I have a friend who lived in Haiti for some time and now leads mission trips back there regularly.  I was sure he would know people there personally.

As the evening developed, I learned that my friend’s wife is actually leading a trip in Haiti right now.  Could not believe it.  He has yet to hear from her tonight, though he says it is quite reasonable to assume she is OK and just unable to communicate since they are in a town 20 miles from Port-us-Prince.   That’s where my prayers are centered right now (Jamalyn and her team) while I’m thankful some other colleagues who were on trips there (Bill Hauser and Mike Baker) have been able to make contact and are OK.

Please stop to pray with me.

~ by Greg Lee on January 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Pray for my friends in Haiti”

  1. I pray for the people of Haiti and I pray that the United States will quickly send as much help as possible to this devastated country.

  2. my mom is with jamalyn. i’m praying for their group as well. just any form of communication to know they are ok will ease us all.

    • Lauren,

      I just keep praying along with you and many others. I also pray you and your family will experience God’s comfort as you wait.


  3. Nathan and I will both be praying for all of them and their families.

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