Hope 2 Liberia

Saturday was incredible.  We had a 3 vehicle caravan full of Suncrest folks who are going to Liberia (Africa) next month.  I’m not going on the trip this year, but it was a riot just to hang out with them and feel the BUZZ.  It looks like there will 15 from Suncrest go along with 3 others from partner churches to make the trip this year. 

In Muncie, we got to interact with the incredible people from Harvest Christian Fellowship who made our initial trip possible last year.  We saw a video from our Liberian partners (The Buegar family pictured) and talked about the vision for serving this country.  In addition to sending this team, we (Suncrest) are figuring out how to be part of the long-term solutions for this small country.  And we believe that collaborating with other churches is key to that.  In fact…we’ll be working right alongside an initiative this Muncie church has begun called Hope 2 Liberia.  You should check out their website!

My highlights…

-The van ride there — the topic in my van was all about how to have challenging spiritual conversations with people don’t embrace or struggle with faith.  I was so impressed with the way each person cares deeply for someone far from God.

-Seeing Jenny prepare to go on this year’s trip.  I’ll go again sometime, but it’s definitely the best thing for HER to go back this year.

-The personal reconnect with the Muncie team.  We spent two weeks together traveling the world and now have friends that will last beyond this world.  Love those guys and gals! 

-A strategy session with David Vineyard on the way home about how to build and feed a leadership pipeline in Liberia.  We have a plan!

-Laughter.  Laughter.  More Laughter.

-Thinking about how Denise Tribble has been making this trip a reality for the last 11 months.  It’s impossible to describe the scope of this and she has been running point the whole way!

~ by Greg Lee on January 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Hope 2 Liberia”

  1. Yes, Saturday was great! I am so excited about all of it!! It was sood to finally meet you and Jenny and others from Suncrest and also see Denise and Dave again!! Denise is doing some amazing work! Thank you and bless you all for everything you are doing for the Buegar’s, their ministry and the people of Liberia!

  2. I feel blessed to serve the God of the universe and he blesses us in so many ways. I am greatful to get to know those at Suncrest and serve with them. What a gift

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