Welcome to the new design layout of “Unique Chairs”.  (If you are reading this by email or RSS, you’ll obviously have to click to the site (now with an easier to remember address:

I had never changed the layout and thought it was about time.  I’ve added a few things with the new look like a place to click to get the RSS feed of my blog (see previous post), and a better format for my twitter feed.  I have lost the side links to my favorite blogs and am still working out the kinks on that one.

Since I’m a fan of blogs, I tend to think everyone should consider writing one (including you!)  There are a lot of reasons, but as I look back on 2009 I think my favorite part of this blog is that it will serve as a memory maker some day.  I can read back through the past few year’s posts and it reminds of things I did with the kids, high points for the church, and some things “that seemed important at the time.” 

Writing this blog has been (and probably will continue to be) a cyclical  experience for me.  I’ll just reflect on a few here.

For the first year…I posted rarely. 

For the next year…I decided to post 6 days a week. 

Now…I’ve settled into a rhythm of essentially posting when I want to.  It’s usually about 3 times/week, but some weeks it’s more and occasionally it’s ZERO.  (The best part is now it’s up to ME, not some arbitrary goal.)

For the first year…my goal was to write something powerful every time (might correlate with why I posted rarely!)

For the next year…my goal was to communicate ‘church stuff’ — help Suncrest stay informed about important events, our church plants, cool staff things, and more.  It was all the stuff we never have time to announce anywhere else…and I was careful about not putting too much personal/family stuff up

Now…my goal is to get back to the original idea of the blog — to write about how I see the world from my “unique chairs”.  Might be about family, might be a life lesson or a leadership lesson.  Might be something God is doing in my heart or teaching me. 

For the first year…I posted with no expectation of interaction in the comments.

For the next year…people started commenting (there are more comments than posts now), but I never really interacted with them.

Now…I’m excited about how the blog might be a two-way communication tool.  Still figuring all that out.

For the first year…it was about stats.  I wanted lots of readers (I didn’t care who they were or why they might read).

For the next year…it was about staying in touch with people regularly.  My simple mind figured since the church is big and I never get to talk to everyone, this would be a great way to help people know me and my thinking a bit more personally.

Now…I’ve decided that it is worth writing even if no one else reads it.  It’s simply a regular expression of what is important to me and give me a “diary” at the end of each year to see what God is doing in me and around me.  (And ironically, an approach that has generated a lot more readers!)

~ by Greg Lee on January 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Blog…Writing”

  1. Greg, I like the new look. I hope you, your family and church family have a great 2010. Along with this note, I offer a prayer for you.


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