Saturday Snow

We had a blast on Saturday in the snow.  The kids were excited the moment they rolled out of bed and looked outside.  After a quick Dunkin Donuts run, we went out to play. 

The kids LOVE playing on the swing set in the snow.  Who would have guessed it?  The Slide is faster, they have more padding, and what kid doesn’t dream of blasting through a pile of snow.  (There was also that time Abby flipped off the swing into the snow…she laughs about it now!)

And…this was hands down the best snow we have ever had for building snowmen.  I thought our first one was big…but Jack wanted to go even bigger!

Full Week ahead with Christmas.  I was glad to get to spend most of this day making memories.


Here are the pictures

~ by Greg Lee on December 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Saturday Snow”

  1. How very sweet. I keep up with you on fb…glad you are doin’ what you’re doin’ and loving your family, your church and your life. All I would have ever hoped for you and more!! Merry Christmas!

  2. That is so cool. We did a play set last year and I never encouraged them to use it during the winter. Thanks for the many tips!

    I like the grass hair piece. The Donald Trump rendition of Frosty…

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