Conversations with my Son

I made a decision sunday to not go on a scheduled out-of-town trip for a few different factors and the result was an open evening on my schedule.  I’d been promising Jack – our 6 year old – dinner out with just he and I for a while so it was the perfect opportunity.  We’ve done this a couple times (and yes, Abby’s time is coming).  They are always experiences I’ll never forget.

-I gave Jack 3 options on where to go.  He chose Culver’s.  I know it was partially because he wondered if Fred from church (the owner) would be there, but his explanation to me centered on this:  He knows Abby can’t have ice cream so he thought it would be good to go to a place with ice cream since it was just the two of us and she wouldn’t have to feel bad if we got ice cream.

-Jack loves Root Beer (he gets some pop, but NO caffeine) and totally wanted to be “the man” getting it himself at the fountain.

-Our conversation went everywhere.  The best part?  We were talking about his school and he told me he might like to be a teacher someday, but would really like to be a principal, “because they are in charge”.  Uh…no surprise there.

-I took the conversation to the next level and by the end he decided he wanted to be the Superintendent!  We actually had a wonderful 3 minutes talking about what it means to have a lot of authority and influence and how to you can use that for good in this world (not just to be in charge!)

-We got ice cream (actually frozen custard) to finish off the night.  He went to the counter and asked if his free scoop (from the kids meal) could have “some vanilla, some chocolate with sprinkles and M&M’s on top”.  The wonderful man behind the counter agreed to each request and then had trouble with all the M&M’s falling off — so he just gave us a cup of M&M’s to put on after he ate some of the ice cream.  Jack was loving this…along with all the pecans he was swiping out of my turtle-flavored ice cream.

-The best part…he decided to call his mom to see if she wanted us to bring her some ice cream.  I only heard his half of the conversation as he was trying to talk her into the Turtle flavor, suggesting she would love it because “it has some sweet pecans”.  Then…he decided to save most of the M&M’s he had been given in a bowl and take them home to his sister since we were taking mom ice cream and Abby couldn’t have that.

Got to get the next outing on my calendar now…

~ by Greg Lee on December 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Conversations with my Son”

  1. Forgot this isn’t facebook…I’m looking for the “like” button :+) Praying for lots of golden times with your kids.

  2. Love to hear about those one-on-one times. Keep those outings up even when the kids are beyond teenage years. That hour or so spent without distractions/demands of house/job talking about stuff—always worth it.

  3. Greg, your evening and story is touching and has such a sweet ending !!!! Love and prayers, :)lene

  4. Slowing down and seeing the world through their eyes are the most memorable moments. They have so much insight! Thanks for sharing…

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