Last Week…

Some Random Thoughts from the last 7 days…

1.  I’m totally committed to family time over the holidays and we got a full dose of it at Thanksgiving.  Our family took off Wednesday afternoon and made a loop around the Midwest getting back on Sunday Evening.  Did a little email, mostly disengaged…and ATE a lot.

2.  I’m blessed to have great family and great in-laws.  We had a blast on Thanksgiving day with all of Jenny’s family…where there is ALWAYS a card game and lots of re-connecting.  I was talking to one of Jenny’s cousins who is in her early 20’s and it hit me that I’ve been hanging with her family for 15+ years at holidays now.  Wow.

3.  Then my dad’s family connects at the Amana Colonies in Iowa on the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I think in my 35 years I’ve only missed that gathering about 5 times.  There were about 70 of us at the big dinner Saturday night, but we spent most of our time with my parents, my brothers and there families at the indoor waterpark.  Swimming with cousins was my favorite part of it as a kid and it’s cool to see it is Jack and Abby’s favorite part now.

4. While we were gone we had a pretty young man (42) in our church die unexpectedly.  It was a hard thing to engage on our return, but I did the funeral on Tuesday.  His wife and kids will need our church to be there for them now more than ever.

5.  Yesterday, I spent the day in Chicago discussing with pastors of some other large suburban churches.  I love the city – we all love the city — but we are wondering how to reach successfully into the city with Church Planting.  It’s exciting to see some answers emerging to that because urban centers have always been challenging.  The cool part is our church plant in Boston will serve as kind of model for what might be done in Chicago.  I love the vision so much…but Suncrest isn’t going to be able to be much of a support for it in the next few years…Too much good stuff happening right in front of us that we are trying to tackle ourselves!

I’m always amazed at the diversity of experiences God gives me in this life.  And thankful for them…even the hard ones.

~ by Greg Lee on December 4, 2009.

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