Ideas for Altars

If you were at suncrest Sunday, you probably were as motivated as I was by the story of Larry and Kelly McManus and the way they are using stones to mark important things God has done in their family.

I came across two GREAT and practical ideas this week as I’ve been having conversations with families about how to create similar memories so I thought I’d share them here.

1.  A Thanksgiving Tree — This is probably best done by families with younger children.  The idea is to use your refrigerator (or another place in your home) to mark all the things you are thankful for between thanksgiving and Christmas.  Start by using some brown construction paper for a “trunk” and a few branches and then each evening at a family meal have each person (child or adult) write one thing they are thankful to God for on a green piece of construction paper.  These become the leaves of the tree and they are added each night.  As it grows, it helps you see all the places God has been good to your family!  (By the way…I think it also starts dinner conversations off in a  VERY positive way and helps all of us in a season where the temptation is to focus on “what I want” for Christmas).

2.  Christmas Card Prayers — What do you do after Christmas with all those cards?  (Most of us don’t want to just throw them away, but after we move them for the 5th time we finally do!)  How about this instead.  Find a rhythm that works for your family – maybe one/week — and work through the cards after the start of the year.  Take time as a family to pray for the people who sent you that card and talk about what they mean to your family.

~ by Greg Lee on November 25, 2009.

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