7 Things I’m Celebrating Today

I’m trying to “mark” the gratitude in my life, so let me celebrate a variety of things you may not know about?

1.  Our student life pastor – Jared Mehrle – was on the lead team that just pulled off the teen portion of a National Convention in Peoria, IL that attracted thousands of teens and led to hundreds of decisions.  This guy has leadership oozing out of him.

2.  From that same conference I got an email from one of our youth leaders today.  I love her investment in our students as she calls them “my girls.”  In part she said, “this was by far my most rewarding weekend ever.  I saw God pounding on my girls hearts, there were lives changed this weekend.  The girls…transformed right before my eyes.  I have had a difficult but amazing journey with them that i can’t even explain. “

3.  I had breakfast this morning with a group of retired guys who count our offering every week.  One guy told me serving and hanging out with his friends doing this was a highlight of his week.

4.  Our church just keeps growing.  Yesterday we had just over 1000 at our St. John campus and just over 200 at our Hobart/Merrillville Campus.  Our average for the year last year before we launched the second campus was 951.  

5.  Why are we growing?  We have great leaders, a wonderful staff, mission-first elders, a positive vibe from the whole church that you can’t beat…but none of that would work if Christ wasn’t at the center.  Jesus said, “But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.”

 6.  I love Deep River Church of Christ — a sister church in Hobart.  They have let us use their building for east campus functions and are led by a great pastor and friend of mine, Ron Buche.  They just did a “miracle offering” in the midst of this challenging economy on Sunday and they exceeded their goal of $30,000.  Incredible…I love people of faith!!

7.  We are having baby dedications in a couple weeks, so we had a meeting on Sunday with the parents.  We have LOTS of babies…including one adorable set of triplets!  The coolest part was seeing these families meet and connect with each other.

Like many of you, we’ll spend time this week with our extended family.  Both Jenny and I are blessed to have great parents and wonderful grandparents.  Add to that tight relationships with siblings, nieces and nephews that are a blast and we know we have much to be thankful for.

How are you “marking” your gratitude today?

~ by Greg Lee on November 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “7 Things I’m Celebrating Today”

  1. I have a gratitude journal started from around the time of my separation/divorce. It has some amazing things in it. I love going through it now and then, and it reminds me of God’s care and love when I needed to see it most. Lots of Suncrest in there!

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