Servolution isn’t over…

The teaching series called “servolution” wrapped up 4 weeks ago, but serving people in need continues.  I got this update from one of our community group leaders yesterday — his group served at a soup kitchen and what was especially cool was their chance to interact with the people.  After he gave some of the details on the night, he wrapped it up like this….


The team that puts this together has a great spirit.

 Not only did we get to help in the kitchen and serve the food, but we had the opportunity to speak to each person there and write down their specific prayer requests.  We then took them into the sanctuary and prayed for each one.  We really enjoyed sitting down and having conversations with people, sharing Gods love.  The idea of serving being an act of worship became very real, and I’m not sure who got more joy out of it…I think we did.  That is such a God thing.  We also got to pray with the church team that does this.  They are real servants.

 Just thought I’d make you aware.  The study has been a good experience for many of us as well.  That book was a good choice.

 God Bless,


 P.S. The Leader’s Edge was awesome too last night.  Glad to be there!  Will be praying for the vision that was announced.


I love our leaders and our community groups!

~ by Greg Lee on November 21, 2009.

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