I love Leaders

Last night we had a standing-room-only crowd in the Annex of leaders.  And there was more energy oozing than I can remember in a long time. 

If you know me, the fact that “I love leaders” is not earth-shattering news.  I believe it is people who lead who shape the world.

It wouldn’t be a surprise either that “I love Suncrest leaders”.  Volunteer Leaders from all across our church gather 4 times a year to improve ourselves, make sure we are centered on mission, and to talk about where Suncrest is going in its next steps.  And I try to make sure to tell them each time how thankful I am for them.  Truth is…we would be nothing without them.

  • Last night we had an incredible guest speaker…Dave Dummit planted a church near Detroit 4 1/2 years ago and they have grown to be reaching over 1000 people, already have 2 campuses, and don’t even have one facility yet!    Reproducing is in their DNA.  Reproducing leaders.  Reproducing Community Groups.  Reproducing Campuses.  And Reproducing Churches.
  • Last night we made some huge announcements about future campuses.  (Details will roll out on these later.)  But that wasn’t even the best part to me…
  • The best part was introducing new “leaders” and “emerging leaders”  (yes, we are always working to create a PIPELINE of reproducing leaders.  Last night we introduced 22 new leaders!  And we introduced 6 new emerging leaders!  I love it…because I love leaders.

~ by Greg Lee on November 19, 2009.

One Response to “I love Leaders”

  1. I can’t get the picture of Dave Dummit’s kid out my head. Well, not really the picture, but the story he told along with it. You’ll reproduce who you are. If you’re not following Christ, you’re going to reproduce others with that same mindset. Has me re-evaluating my leadership not only @ Suncrest but in my family, at work, etc. Great night. Great insight. Thanks for your leadership!

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