A Couple Fun links…

I’ve been compiling some stuff in my inbox that I think is good enough or funny enough to post…so I’m just going to put it all here.

1.  Guess which profession makes the top 15 for “High Stress/Low Pay” jobs put out by CNN Money?  Interesting thing to me…most of these jobs are in the religious or social services sector.  I think they forgot the third quality in the title…”Most Rewarding”.  Click here to see if your job made the list.

2.  Any Stephan Colbert Fans?  In this “Colbert vs. Dawkins” Face-off, the exchange between the comedien and a professor/athiest/scientist is not only hilarious, but kind of insightful.  Click here to watch the video Clip.

~ by Greg Lee on November 12, 2009.

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