Africa…Jack…5K…and Quiznos

It seems like every time I mention Africa people are interested in a  conversation…or giving something toward the cause.

Continuing my role as Jack’s publicist, he’s received about $150 more for his entrepreneurial pumpkin seed project.  He’s now raised well over $300 doing this gig.  He smiles every time…truth is he is just focused on the clean water it will bring.  Thanks for all of your very encouraging support.

On Saturday, I ran the 5K to support Project 131 — our effort in Liberia, Africa.  It was a cold morning, but it turned out to be pretty good for running.  I ran with a friend from Suncrest and Jenny’s brother who came in to town.  We finished at 29 minutes…just over 9 minutes/mile.  The best part…they raised over $2000 for the Africa Mission.

Looking for a simple way to help?  Go eat at Quiznos in St. John after church on Sunday.  Steve (the owner) has decided to give 10% of all purchases from noon to 3pm to help the mission.  Steve doesn’t even go to our church…he just loves some of our people and has a heart to help.

~ by Greg Lee on October 29, 2009.

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