Pumpkins Everywhere

IMG00241I know I’m staring down another full week with a 2 day off-site staff retreat and more time away beginning the following week, so I determined Saturday would be a day for the family.

And it was a great day.  It was plenty cold at 9:00am at the Soccer fields, but Jack scored another goal (that makes five in the last two weeks after a 2 YEAR drought).  He’s got a taste of the feeling now, so we’ll see where that goes.

Then, we came home and went to work on decorating our pumpkins.  Jack and Abby each have a Giant Pumpkin that they grew in Grandpa’s garden and we’ve picked up some normal sized ones along the way too. 

The kids (and Jenny and I) had an absolute blast!!

  • There was the “oh gross!” moments of reaching their hands into the pumpkins to pull the stuff out.
  • There was their preferences on how each of their pumpkins would be carved.  Both of the kids have very strong senses of EXACTLY what they want.
  • There was the decorating of some pumpkins with pieces that make silly faces.
  • There was the multiple “Don’t touch that knife” moments…like every time I had to set it down.

Jack wanted to save ALL the seeds from the Giant Pumpkins.  Grandpa told him to save a few so they could plant them again, but he was determined to save ALL of them.  I asked him what we were going to do with the extra 100 or so.

His answer cracked me up.  He said we should sell them for Africa.  He thought $1/seed would be fair.  I told him I thought that might be a little steep.  Then he went into a very personal description of the dirty water the kids there have to drink and how he wanted to get them water systems.  I think his exact quote was “Dad, Kids shouldn’t have to drink gross water, should they?”

I’d have to agree with him there.

~ by Greg Lee on October 18, 2009.

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