GO! Children’s Ministry

GO childrensYesterday on the way home from church, I heard Abby (our 3-year-old) saying outloud to herself from the back seat, “Don’t worry about anything.  Pray about everything.”  Jenny and I didn’t teach her that.  It was her memory verse from her class that morning.  And this is the story of us raising Jack and Abby to be Christ-followers — we do everything we can…but we need the church to provide guidance too. 

It does my heart good to know that partnership is working at Suncrest.  Here are a few bullet-point reflections about our children’s minsitry.

  • Julie Coons and Sue Hertzfeldt are the best staff anyone could ask for.  This is a true calling for them and they grow in it every day.
  • Like I said about our teens…kids aren’t just “the future of the church”, they are the church! 
  • An investment in children produces more fruit than anywhere else.  It can produce fruit for a LONG time – maybe 80-100 years!  It can reproduce – as these learners grow into teachers and contributors themselves.  AND…It can bring a whole family to faith – we have lots of stories like that!
  • On Thursday and again on Saturday, I got to attend the first part of our Fall Training for all adult “contributors” in the Children’s ministry.  I was BLOWN AWAY by how many people serve…and how many people are needed! 
  • And this didn’t even include younger volunteers that are also critical to our children’s ministry — our “Junior Contributors” — who have their training next week.
  • The best part…we introduced 8 new COACHES.  Coaches are a HUGE part of our leadership ministry going forward in all areas of the church.  These are VOLUNTEERS who don’t simply serve…who don’t simply lead…but who lead other volunteer leaders.

I love every one of you who serves our children.  You are making a difference in children’s lives (including mine!).

~ by Greg Lee on October 5, 2009.

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