Sunday Reflections

Really great morning at West Campus today.  Feel like doing this THRIVE series was definitely the right choice.  Felt like today’s message was the critical one, but couldn’t have had it’s strength without the first two.

We had people immediately text what step they were going to take to a friend at the end of the service.  I had a text form a guy in our small group.  I look forward to connecting with him this week.

After 3 services at West Campus, I headed over to East Campus for their one year birthday party!  Hard to believe it’s been a year since we launched this campus.   It was a great party with the high point being ANOTHER baptism. 

I got home for a 20 minute nap before we headed out to a small going-away dinner for Mary Beth.  It was just a small number of us who have served alongside of her for most of her 5 years with our spouses.  LOTS of laughs.  We’ll miss her on our team.

Got home to put the kids to bed, watch a little Sunday Night Football and prep for the week.  Th Colts look unstoppable. 

The Bears?  Good enough for the “W” and we’ll take that!

~ by Greg Lee on September 28, 2009.

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