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We taught on “Correcting Course” Sunday to conclude our THRIVE series.  In the teaching Doug (@ east campus) and I (@ west campus) did this last week, we leaned heavily on some Biblical concepts gained from Andy Stanley, pastor of Northpoint Church near Atlanta. 

Andy is an incredible thinker, teacher, and leader and my favorite pastor to listen to and read.  He has written a book called “The Principle of the Path” that was a great resource for me in pulling the message together.

And…if you sense you could use some help in Moving beyond intentions to accomplishing worth goals, I would REALLY encourage you to pick up the book.

Click here for the Link to Amazon.

~ by Greg Lee on September 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Resource from Sunday”

  1. Maybe I’m missing something with this series…but that wouldn’t be surprising. I can be a little slow understanding a concept that doesn’t hit me over the head with it’s meaning. I do feel like I’m drifting now…but I don’t see that as a bad thing. I’m content. I’m happy with my life. I have a church family that I love. I’ve finally learned that it isn’t necessary to want what I don’t have, but to be grateful and thankful for what I do have. After years of struggling to rise to the top and keep up with those crazy ‘Jones’s”, I’m loving just drifting in praise and graitude to God. No, my life isn’t perfect. I don’t have a job and I freeze in the winter and I sweat in the summer to keep my NIPSCO bills manageable, but I now have an inner peace that is wonderful.
    Am I a slacker or a loser for not wanting more?? (And please, don’t think that I am ranting at you or your message…this is just an honest, sincere question. I don’t want to join the Amry…but for God, I do want to ‘be all that I can be’).

    • Hey Gloria…I love these questions. They make me think and I know you are sincere.

      Overall, there is GREAT value in contentment — Biblically and otherwise. I would only affirm that. Sometimes the struggle is when contentment becomes complacency or apathy. I don’t sense that in you, but it is a pretty common conversation with people. And, while I was pushing to make a point about the downside of drifting on Sunday, it isn’t automatically bad is that drift is a release within the context of faith — to “let go and let God” – or “drift in praise and gratitude to God” as you say. There times in life when it is in a groove, not a rut!

      I hope that helps. I love the way you think!


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