Thought about Africa Lately?

GEDC0185I have.  I still think about Africa most every day. 

GEDC0195We have kids around the church doing amazing things to raise money for clean water systems.  We have container full of stuff we collected this summer that we are working to get shipped.  We have 17 people who have made deposits to go on a trip to Liberia next February (including Jenny).

GEDC0207We have figured out ways to support the ministry in Liberia in even greater ways even in very tight financial times.  Our missions coordinator (Denise Tribble) has made trips to other churches to rally more support and we’ve kept benefiting form our ties to the church that inspired a lot of this in us from Muncie.

GEDC0205We are trying to figure out how to make a significantly larger investment there – thinking mostly in terms of leadership and money.  We probably won’t get that done in 2010, but we are committed to keeping the vision alive and taking small steps forward.

GEDC0188So…I’m thrilled to share these pictures of progress.  When we were in Liberia in February, there were no walls on this church building.  This is progress that (in part) is possible because of you, Suncrest.  If you look at some of the pictures in detail, it is amazing how resourceful they are!

GEDC0137If you haven’t thought about Africa lately…look at the progress and people in these pictures and stop to pray for them.  This last picture shows their makeshift baptistry…a beautiful image of what this is all really about.

~ by Greg Lee on September 24, 2009.

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