Sunday Reflections

4 Great services (3 at West Campus and 1 at East Campus).  The highlight?  The prayer time at the end of the service.  Seeing people take the risk to go pray with someone and seeing people take the risk to be prayed for.  It was a beautiful picture of THE CHURCH. 

Here is what one of our elders wrote after he experienced the 3rd service: I need to reiterate what a powerful, spirit filled service today was.  I was able to truly feel God move in the music and message to reach so many lives.  Thank you for structuring the service to allow myself to be used by God to change lives in prayer and relationships!

Good News for the Mehrle’s.  Jared (our youth pastor) and Amy’s son went into the hospital early sunday morning.  He had to stay overnight, but is coming home this afternoon.  Thanks for praying for them.

My parents were in town.  That’s always good.  I golfed with my dad and my son before the rain came…does it get any better than that?

Bears win!  We went out for dinner and got to watch them pull off a HUGE win!  Given my poor record last year, I’m not predicting games this year on my blog…but let’s just say at this stage I would have missed both of the first two games.

Back to the Hospital…I went back out about 8:00 to spend some time with a neighbor who went to the ER.  They are good friends and felt like I should be there.  Got to see the Mehrle’s on the same trip.

Stayed up to watch the end of the Cubs/Cardinals Game.  The Cards gave one away.  That’s OK.

~ by Greg Lee on September 21, 2009.

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