Day 1

I won’t post on my email withdrawal every day, but the first day of disciplining myself to only check it once or twice had a few moments…

1.  I use my cell phone as my alarm clock and my phone has my email on it.  As usual, i woke up to seeing what email came in overnight.  I was in the shower before I remembered the commitment I had made the night before.

2.  Today was an unusual day because I wasn’t in the office at all.  Had an off0site meeting in the morning and then was out scouting a potential location for a future campus…so I didn’t open my computer at all during the day anyway.  Made day 1 a little easier, I’m sure.

3.  I was able to process all important things with Cindy (my assistant) through a single phone call late in the afternoon.

4.  I checked my email once tonight and processed everything I needed to in about 15 minutes.  Most amazingly, I only SENT 4 emails today.  That will be a tough one to keep also.

5.  Huge side benefit…In the past, I have been guilty of reading email while I’m driving.  I know it is horrible and stupid…and deadly (Have you seen this video?  Got it from a friend’s blog.)  I’m done with that.

One day in the books with success…4 weeks to go.

~ by Greg Lee on September 3, 2009.

One Response to “Day 1”

  1. Would you ask that I wait till after September to share on email? I don’t have a number to call you Ive lost that.
    Had some questions on church planting.
    Jana Buxton

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