Hanging at East Campus

east set-up - 8-30I went in person to our east campus on Sunday and had a blast.  I’ve included a few pictures from early morning set-up…Julie Coons knocking it out of the park in the Children’s area with her team and Jason Paradis prepping the worship team for a day when they led us in some powerful ways.

east rehearsal 8-30There is also a pic of me that Doug (campus pastor) took.  You may not be able to tell it from the picture, but attendance was great for the end of summer – over 180.  It’s interesting to me that most of the crowd sits in the upper half of the theater behind the aisle (stadium seating).  I guess it makes sense with most weeks being video teaching…it’s where I sit when I go to the movies.  (Oh yeah…and most people at West Campus and every other church I know sit toward the back also!!)

I got a few of the “you are real” comments from people who had only seen me on video, but the neat part for me is getting to have 2nd and 3rdconversations with people who have found Suncrest since we launched the campus.  The best part…they didn’t just find suncrest, but they found a God who is real in their lives.

~ by Greg Lee on September 1, 2009.

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