My greatest privilege?

As much as they wear me out, I love Sundays. 

I love to teach…I believe in the power of the scriptures to actually change our lives.  I love to watch as hundreds of people are serving with their gifts…to help children learn, help us worship, or help someone feel welcome.

But I think my greatest privilege is to pray with people after each service.  To ask  God to intervene in people’s lives and their pain along with them is an honor I don’t take for granted.  Today was unique in that it lasted so long after the third service (about 45 minutes), but I’m always struck by the real challenges people face in this life…and I beleive that hearing them each week makes me a better and more compassionate teacher.

Here’s the sampling of things I prayed for with people today.

-A couple just engaged to get married.

-A person who’s mom just was diagnosed with cancer and will lose her voicebox in surgery this week.

-A firefighter who’s seen some very difficult things this last month and needs strength for himself and the team of young men he leads.

-A family with their newborn…praying for him and them.

-A young person who is trying to recalibrate her life after some poor choices.

-A mom who’s son struggles through the agonizing cycles of manic depression.  It’s in a valley now.  (And after I prayed for her, she prayed for me – love that.)

And becuase some were requested to be confidential, that’s not even all of them.

And on top of all that…someone who’s been at Suncrest for about 18 months now handed me one of those “This church has changed my life in ways you could never imagine” notes.  It was among the most powerful things I’ve read in a long time.


~ by Greg Lee on August 23, 2009.

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