X3 Watch – A wise move

x3watchI’m in a teaching series here at Suncrest where we are taking a candid look at Sexuality.  My personal opinion…weeks 1 and 3 are great and fun to teach, but week #2 is hard to teach and listen to – The Perversion of Sex.

In the message I talk about the sexual temptations we all face and the God-given wisdom to not even mess with them..

1.  To run from them in the opposite direction.

2.  To set boundaries that will keep you from the edge of temptations.

And let’s be honest…one of the huge temptations for where sexuality goes wrong in today’s world is online pornography.  The stats would seem shocking…until you acknowledge that you yourself have probably been tempted with this…and (statistically) most of you reading this have given in to the temptation somewhere along the line.

So…if you have any wisdom and humility at all…sign up for this tool right now:  www.x3watch.com

I use it.  Every guy on our staff uses it.  It should be on every computer in your house — especially any that have children/teens using them.  There are other tools and I’m sure they are fine, but this one is RELATIONAL and RESPONSIBLE. 

Simple explanation: it sends an email to someone you trust every 2 weeks that lets them know of any sexually questionable websites you visited or if you turned off the monitoring device.  That’s it.  And that’s enough.  Pick someone you trust — someone from your community group, a family member, maybe even your spouse — and then surf the web anywhere you would not be embarrassed for them to know about.

It seriously takes less than five minutes.  Don’t click off this message until you have clicked here to get started: http://www.x3watch.com/

~ by Greg Lee on August 19, 2009.

One Response to “X3 Watch – A wise move”

  1. Internet accountability is so important. Such a simple step, but one so often neglected.

    Here’s a great new book about accountability: http://www.covenanteyes.com/blog/2009/08/04/does-your-accountability-group-make-you-into-a-wimp-or-a-bully/

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