Four Pastors and a Wedding

One of these days I’ll actually count how many weddings I’ve performed.  For years now, I’ve just been saying “more than 100”  It’s probably closer to 200 now.  Each one is unique…but some are more unique than others.

I’ve done weddings from Prince Edward Island, Canada to Disney World in Florida; just this summer, I’ve done them in Indy, St. Louis, Muncie, and multiple sites around the region.  I’ve done them in homes, backyards, in churches, at parks, at Country Clubs, and in more gazebos than I could count.  I’ve shared the ceremony with another pastor once or twice along the way also.

But my experience Saturday was truly special.  I had never done a wedding in Michigan City.  I had never done a wedding on a beach (you wouldn’t find me complaining if “shorts and a Hawaiian shirt” was the preferred dress for all ceremonies!).  And I had definitely never done a wedding with THREE other pastors.

So yesterday, Matt and Lindsay took their vows with their 2 youth pastors (actually responsible for setting them up), Matt’s dad (our former Executive Pastor Mike Moseng) and myself presiding.  Surprisingly, even with all four pastors talking we still kept the ceremony to a reasonable length!

Beautiful Evening.  Faith-filled Couple.  God is good.

~ by Greg Lee on August 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Four Pastors and a Wedding”

  1. That is truly wonderful! Especially when some weddings don’t even feel the need to include even one pastor, much less four.

  2. Thank you Greg. You and the other pastors are very special to Matt and Lindsay. It was a beautiful ceremony.

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