Seeing a theme?

I’ve been posting stories from the new churches we have launched of suncrest’s history.  And I’m typing this tonight from New England because tomorrow I have a meeting here with our Boston church plant — Reunion Christian Church — the one I’ve probably talked about on here more than any others. (The picture is of the actual room they meet in for worship at the Back Bay Boston Hilton, though it obviously configured a bit differently!)

One of the things that has struck me as I have typed is that I know these stories better than anyone…but still when I start to tell them I’m amazed at how our investments in these new churches go far beyond just writing a check to help them financially.  These are real partnerships.  I already mentioned former staff members and former interns at some of our plants and then I got this email from Nathan McConnaughhay. You might remember Nathan interned with us over the last year and then we ordained him.  And (surprise, surprise) he went from Suncrest to help launch a new campus of a new church called Lifepointe!

lp-leaf-slideYes, we are supporting him too and it’s cool to see the difference it is making for him.  Here it is, in his own words…

             Hey! I hope all is well.  I just wanted to pass this bit of fact on to you all and pass on to whoever you will. 
I’m getting into my new apartment which is just a crazy awesome God story.  He just put the opportunity in front of me and now I am living in an artistic part of town above a coffee shop that is located in an old historical house.  I’m going to be posting a video tour of my new place soon so you can all see it.  But I thought it’d be a fun fact for you to know that Suncrest’s monthly support ensures that I have enough for rent AND utilities for my place!  It was such a great deal; it’s cheaper than any normal apartment I would get, even splitting with a roommate.  So it’s all been working out really well and God’s just been blessing my socks off at every turn.  And you all are definitely a part of that blessing and Suncrests’ involvement in my ministry is very, very tangible. 

Thanks, once again, for all you have done for me and your continued support!

We love Nathan and we love new churches.  I really love it that Suncrest makes it possible to connect a dynamic young leader with a dynamic ministry opportunity.  God is good.

~ by Greg Lee on August 11, 2009.

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