One last post on new churches

Doing this little reflection on the new churches we have started has been good for me (I hope it has been for you too).  In the midst of everything else that Suncrest does, it was personally inspiring to see the work God is doing through our church that isn’t in front of us every day. 

Today, I led meetings for our church plant in Boston, Reunion Christian Church.  I could write a million things, but this church isn’t even 4 years old and it is searching the options to deal with overcrowding in their two services.  Realistically, they will be seeing 400 in attendance this fall.  The conversation centered around starting a 3rd service and launch a 2nd campus.  Whatever it is, the church is committed to keep changing the spiritual landscape of Boston.

The last church I’ll highlight for now is Common Ground Church in Tampa, FL.  I haven’t personally been to this church, but their Lead Pastor Danny Schaffner has taught twice at Suncrest and we have sent teams down there.  Here is what he he wrote…

Common Ground tackled it’s most aggressive outreach week on July 26th – Aug. 1. RoK Week, aka Revolution of Kindness week, was a series of benevolent acts to our community. 3 mini-festivals in our local parks, 2 sports and arts camps, 1 backyard vbs, and a healthfair/ backpack giveaway. We leveraged our mission trips and resources to create one of the most incredible weeks of benevolence to our community. 

 During our backpack giveaway – we gave away over 1400 backpacks to families, teachers, and schools. Teachers would come in and grab 30-50 at a time and deliver them to needy families on behalf of Common Ground. One family in particular came to Common Ground to receive a back pack. The building was packed and we were serving people as fast as we could. A mother pulled her child aside and said “See, this is how you know Jesus is real.” 

 Awesome! That’s why we do what we do – so people can see the reality we know as Jesus!

…Just one more reason that I love new churches.

~ by Greg Lee on August 11, 2009.

One Response to “One last post on new churches”

  1. Greg:

    Totally awesome!! I loved the mother’s comment to her child!

    Thanks for your postings on your blog as I love reading them.

    Blessings, Nancy

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