Another New Church Story

Iglesia el Jubileo – Pachuca, Mexico

dsc_0019The Jubilee Christian Church, outside of Mexico City began on February 18, 2007 at the Del Valle Inn, a hotel on the far east side of Pachuca.   91 people participated in the launch celebration with many visitors, family and friends participating including a few visitors from the United States.  I actually got to preach for one of their services while I was with our Missions Team leader there a month later.

JubileoBeginning with a core group of 30 from the New Hope Christian Church of Pachuca, the church became of congregation of 60 each Sunday in the next month after the launch Sunday.  Growth has been good in the two and half years since that first Sunday.  The congregation has baptized 84 people and the attendance at the Sunday Celebration is now getting close to 200 and the church now meets in two worship services.  

The Jubilee church is a cell church and has also seen growth in the number of cells meeting throughout Pachuca.  13 cell now are meeting with three zones functioning.   A leadership training module is also functioning in two yearly cycles.  The Jubilee church is renting a facility in Pachuca, but is now looking at other options since the present building is becoming too small.

~ by Greg Lee on August 7, 2009.

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