New Church Stories

Suncrest has a church-planting focus in New England, but the first two plants I’ll highlight are in the Chicago area (Minooka, IL) and in Poland.

The Village Christian Church – Minooka, IL

village ccLaunched Oct. 2004 with a core team of 25 adults and now sees stories of life change as most of 300-400 people who attend on a weekly basis are new to church or new to a relationship with God.

They already give back!  They budget to give 10% of their offerings to Missions and church planting and every year they have exceeded that.

At the same time, they are tracking to have their 10 acres of land paid off by the first part of 2010.  They project growing to a limit of 500 at the school they currently meet in and hope to have a building in place by the time they grow to that level.

TOMY Chrisitan Fellowship – Tomaschov, Poland

tomychurch1Suncrest sent teams and financial support to lay the groundwork for this new church 6 years ago that began as a community center (internet cafe, language school, social help program)  Officially launched as a church 3 years ago, TOMY Christian Fellowship has around 80-100 attendees each week in a part of the world that is desperately lacking churches that help people have a personal relationship with Christ.  

Suncrest’s role in supporting and encouraging a dream has developed into “regional church planting”.  In the radius of 40 miles there are around 1.5 million people with only a handful of churches focused on evangelism – maybe 200-300 believers total.  Suncrest helped lay a foundation that in the next years we hope will lead to new churches in this region – something never seen on this level Poland’s history. . .

 TOMY Church blog:

~ by Greg Lee on August 5, 2009.

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