God is using the NEW

exponential titleOn Sunday, we did our best to recast the vision Suncrest has for starting new churches…and we highlighted the one we are launching with some partnerships this fall in Providence, RI.  If you were there, you know I mentioned God’s bias toward the NEW…from new life to new churches.

The Truth:  as much as I’m excited about it, I often wonder if this Sunday each year could be a “dud” for attenders.  I don’t know anyone who thinks church planting is a bad idea, but I think most people come to church looking for a message from God for THEIR life and on this Sunday we really just try to remind everyone about a huge value for their community of faith called Suncrest. 

So I was VERY pleasantly surprised to read some of the comments on the connection cards that came in on Sunday. 

One about our church being unselfish to start other churches:  “We have so much pride in calling Suncrest home!”

One about new life someone has found since coming:  “I’ve noticed that since coming to Suncrest and choosing to be a Christ-follower a peace has come over my life…Thank You!”

One from part of the group that closed their church in Hobart and linked with Suncrest to launch a new campus:  “Greg, we never really thought about the risk we were taking, but we sure thought about the potential and we were not disappointed.  I am personally so happy we went for the new!”

Over the next few posts I’m going to share some updates on the new churches we have launched (highlighted in the google earth video Sunday and below).  I know you’ll love their stories!

~ by Greg Lee on August 4, 2009.

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