My Summer

pop soda total-countyI love traveling and have done my fair share of it this summer.  I have some short trips left, but I’ll be in town 12 of the next 13 Sundays.

-Two big trips: Our family saw 6 states plus the District of Columbia in June.  On this recent trip, I saw 8 more in both the Midwest and New England. 

-Craziest Day:  Last Friday…Got up at 3:30 central time in New Hampshire.  Flew through Detroit and landed at 9:30am central time in St. Louis.  Performed a wedding at 10:30am for Jenny’s uncle and hit the road after lunch for a 7 hour drive to Arkansas to hang with my parents and brother’s family.  Somewhere in there…got a speeding ticket (I said craziest day, not best day).

At the end of the travel, here are the simple objects of my affection…

-Love our minivan (never thought I’d say that)…It isn’t even 3 years old yet, but crossed 61,000 miles this week.

-Love worshipping different places and I almost always go to NEW churches if I can. Worshipped with one that meets in a school in Alexandria, Virginia; one that meets in a warehouse in Concord, NH; one that meets in a Hotel in Boston, MA; and one that has its own building (but still isn’t that old) in Hot Springs Village, AR.

-Love my parent’s place in Arkansas…room for all of us, incredible lake and 5 championship golf courses within 10 minute drive.  Late night card games, play station with my nephew, mini-golf with our kids, and…mom’s home cookin’.

-Loved the Lobster…most of my week in New England was focused on ministry development with high school students, but we did go out for dinner with the adult leaders on my birthday last week and I enjoyed a lobster dinner on the coast of Maine.

-Love the diversity of our country.  Each region is unique…and not just in how we refer to soft drinks (pop or soda or coke), though I did find the graph above fascinating.

-Love my wife.  She is so prepared for everything we encounter traveling as a family.  And she is a champ to make it possible for me to travel for ministry stuff on my own.  I take it for granted too often.

~ by Greg Lee on July 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “My Summer”

  1. Nice picture Greg, you look professional yet playful.
    It must be nice traveling all over the place, meeting new people, seeing new places, I am glad you get to do that, but we like you here too you know. It is good to have you around again:-)
    rachel aka “Lynn’s daughter”

  2. Your travels are inspiring. When you’re not here the blog is the next best thing.

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