Miss Sue

We had a little celebration last Friday.  OK…it wasn’t so little.

Sue Hertzfeldt (commonly known as “Miss Sue”) was the focus of a surprise party with hundreds of friends (we tried to get every one in this picture, but still missed a few).

The occasion?  Sue has been on the Suncrest staff now for 15 years!  Yes, it’s a little unusual to celebrate this since the church isn’t even 15 years old yet, but that’s the point.  Sue was on the Suncrest staff before suncrest even had it’s first service.

I won’t get long and sappy here, but it’s worth letting everyone know in this forum a bit of what sue means to suncrest…and to me.

1.  Sue has been used by God to change hundreds and hundreds of lives.  Even as the church has grown (and the children’s ministry has expanded incredibly), Sue stays personally in touch with more people than I could ever imagine.  She prays with them and for them, she writes to them, she visits them in the hospital and goes to their baseball games.  She teaches children and encourages parents.  It is simply who she is.

2.  Sue has the biggest heart of anyone — anyone — I know.  If you know her, you know that.  If you don’t know her, I could never explain it to you sufficiently.  Do you know anyone who loves people like she loves people?  I’d love to meet them.

3.  Sue embodies suncrest.  Our mission is her first concern.  She sacrifices every day to invest in people’s lives.  She thinks outward, not inward.  She has high standards.  And then there is that huge heart again…

4.  Sue thinks beyond our walls.  As much as she embodies Suncrest, she isn’t stuck in church-mode all the time.  Everyone knows her love for the Cubs and other sports teams from NASCAR to IU Basketball to Da Bears.  She also makes sure we are in the loop about community events, loves the NW Indiana Symphony, volunteers her own time for hospice, and more. 

5.  Sue made it possible for me to come here.  She started in a part-time role and volunteered to delay coming on full-time in year 2 with the church so that they could have a little money to bring on another staff member.  That was me.

6.  This church has largely been built on children’s ministry.  Our children’s ministry has been largely built on Sue.  Enough said.

7.  Whenever I think of how Sue invests in all of our children, MY children are the faces I see.  YOUR children are likely the faces YOU see.  She has created a context for my children to grow in knowing their Bibles and loving Jesus.  Is there anything more important to me?


I love you from the bottom of my heart.  For who you are…for what you represent…and for the sacrifices you have made for 15 years to serve our church family.

A very grateful leader…


Click here to listen to John Wasem’s (our founding pastor) video message to Miss Sue.


~ by Greg Lee on July 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Miss Sue”

  1. My ties go back to the beginning with Miss Sue. She is truly one of the sweetest. most caring people I know. Her light shines wherever she is. Just when I think she is probably too busy, there is a call or an e-mail from her, just checking in. Suncrest has a real gem in her. She has touched so many children’s lives, as well as adults, both in her Suncrest family, and also anywhere she goes. Thank you God, for Miss Sue. Love you Sue…Linda

  2. I think you got it all Greg, Miss Sue could beat out the Energizer bunny any day (even when she is under the weather), her readiness and attention to detail, love for others, selflessness (is that a word?). Someone most of us can look to—how about WWSD?

  3. When I met Miss Sue last November she had a pep in her step that made an impression. When I learned that she was nearing a 15th anniversay I quickly revisited that initial meeting in my mind. You would’ve thought she was new to her job. New in a way that is usually on display for new hires. Not someone who has been at it for 14 years. My little boy nailed it when we each took a turn and spoke of her on the video dedication. He said, “thank you Jesus for Miss Sue.” He is only 3 and the words were his. No coaching, no prepping. I hope the audio picked up on it. We all love her and give her a lifetime “get out of jail free card” for liking the Cubs.

  4. I could sing Miss Sue’s praises forever…but when you meet her you do not have to have anyone explain it to you! She is truly an angel here on earth!….Blessings to you!

    Martha & Will

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