From all over…

I’m teaching this week in New England to a group of high school students from around the country.  They are some of the best, brightest, most spiritually mature, and ministry-focused students that you would ever find together. 

They come from all over — near Evansville, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Portland, ME; Dallas, TX; Quincy, IL.  I’m sharing the teaching with some very accomplished pastors/teachers from Indianapolis, Evansville, and Springfield, IL. 

What brings us together for such a purpose?  All of the leaders/teachers believe that:

-Youth should be invested in more than critiqued.  The best ideas for ministry (and most everything else) are going to come from them.

-We want to lengthen the runway for high-potential students when thinking in terms of leadership, worldviews, and ministry (especially church planting).

-We think changing this region of New England is a critical element to changing the world.  I love Chicago and the midwest, but Suncrest has a major church planting focus in New England because it is a center of influence culturally and a bellwether for the country.

~ by Greg Lee on July 21, 2009.

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