Another Suncrest Church Plant

I spent the evening with some people I’ve become a raving fan of…the staff of the next new church Suncrest is helping to launch.

Why am I such a fan?

-All three of these families picked up and moved from the Midwest to the challenging field of New England.

-All of these families are committed to creating something out of nothing.  Before churches are built, they are born…with only faith and a mission.

-All of these families are raising their own financial support.  Not only are they, moving to an unfamiliar place to start something out of nothing…they are fully dependent on financial supporters to carry them through.  Raising support is a humbling experience…and practically it is a TON of work.

So with all of this….why would people do it?  Because they trust God will use them to change the spiritual landscape of New England.

Tonight, I had the great privilege of telling them the “Suncrest Story” and imagining that on a night much like this 15 years ago, a Suncrest launch team gathering was being held in someone’s backyard.  It was a humble but faith-filled gathering that now is the story of people finding Christ, lives being re-shaped, marriages being restored, broken people finding wholeness, and hurting people finding a church family that cares.

I’m confident that 15 years from now…their staff will sit in a launch meeting for another new church and tell very similar stories.

~ by Greg Lee on July 21, 2009.

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