I fell asleep on the duck boat tour…

St. Patrick's Day Photo GalleryI’m wiped out.

After camping Wednesday through Friday, we came back to Suncrest’s party Friday night to honor Miss Sue. (She’s incredible and will get her own post later this week!) It was a super-late night because Jenny washed everything and we re-packed to head various directions on Saturday.

At 6:30am Saturday I was with Jack on my way to Dunkin Donuts.  I knew breakfast was my last chance to see the kids for a week and they love donuts!  At 9:00, I was teaching our pre-marital classes, at 12:15 meeting with some potential leaders, and after another 1:30 appointment I went to perform a wedding in Highland at 5:00.  Then, rushing to the airport for a flight that was delayed anyway.  Finally landed in New Hampshire after 12:30am.

I fell asleep on my bed last night out here trying to type a few emails…and then was up early (especially with that lost hour from eastern time) to worship with two different churches out here, including the one we helped start in Boston.  The rest of the day we spent seeing the city of Boston.  I’ve done the Freedom Trail enough times that I can give the tour by now, but I had never been on one of the duck boat tours.  I was excited, but once we drove into the ocean, it must have been a little too peaceful and I fell asleep!

I start teaching the classes I’m out here for tomorrow.  It’s an incredible chance to shape some the lives of some high-potential students out here in their thinking about leadership and church planting.

Now…to bed.

~ by Greg Lee on July 19, 2009.

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