The Bulletin Babes

bulletin babesWe love these ladies.  And today, one of our support staff (Laurie Olson) threw them a little appreciation party to show them how much.  These self proclaimed “bulletin babes” are here every Friday morning to fold all the bulletins and stuff them with inserts for both campuses.  Here’s what I love about them:

They serve where needed.Nothing glamorous about this job, but they know how it fits into our larger mission.  They are an important link in our ministry and being  used by God to change lives.

They are givers, not takers.  They expect nothing for their service (and they usually bake something that I get to benefit from on Friday mornings!)  Like anyone would, they loved the little appreciation event this morning but that isn’t WHY they do it.

They found some great friends serving together.  Most of them weren’t friends before they starting folding, but now they are.  We usually think community groups are the places to find friendship (and they are), but there is a real camaraderie that serving together builds.

One last thing…I think I caught them GAMBLING in the church this morning. 🙂  Their dice game  between bulletin folding and lunch was intense and I was afraid to look under the table for fear they had hid the cash under there as I walked through!

Thanks ladies..and all who serve unselfishly!

~ by Greg Lee on July 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Bulletin Babes”

  1. Maybe I should accidentally break my folding machine so I can have bulletin babes. What a lovely group of babes!!

  2. I think I will print this up to show the “Babes”, I don’t know if they would see it otherwise—nice to give them some recognition. I think the dice game was called “LCR”, it is a fun little game.

  3. Amen, Greg, to your post on the (I hope) self-proclaimed “bulletin babes”! Most every church is blessed with unselfish, non-personal agenda driven, fun servants like the special Friday ladies at Suncrest. Tell them all “hi” for me and if I am in da Region on a Friday and hungry, I’m going to church! JW

  4. Hey, thanks for the plug, but Robin McHugh was a part of the planning/serving, as well! Kudos to her, too! Our resident comedians, David and Sue, acutally named them. And they will forever hold that title!!!!!!

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