It’s been on my calendar for a while, but it didn’t really get on my cognitive radar until last night.  Next week we are going with some friends that invited us to go camping.  Like…real-life, build a fire, pitch a tent, hike a trail, pack your own food, fight mosquitoes kind of camping. 

And I have this odd feeling inside of me…I am a guy who is ALWAYS up for an adventure, but for some reason I have huge hesitations about this. 

You know I love my family, BUT….this seems like a fun thing to do with a group of guys to hang out, not a place to relax with a 3 year old and 5 year old in tow.  I’m actually envisioning tired, hot, and cranky. 

I could be convinced otherwise…your thoughts?

~ by Greg Lee on July 9, 2009.

12 Responses to “Camping…?”

  1. You’ll either love it or hate it, there is no in between. We camped with my parents growing, up six people in a pop up camper, I hated it, my sister loved it, she still goes. I on the other hand, prefer to Camp at the Holiday inn with air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and a pool as opposed to the ole swimming hole.

  2. Camping is great fun for kids and husbands. For the wife, camping is housework without the house. I refuse to go. I agree with the Holiday Inn idea.

  3. Mike refuses to go camping, it is hot, muggy and there is NO way to stay clean and bug free. We went with his parents (in an air-conditioned camper by the way) and he told them the next time they want to go, he will meet them at the lodge. The kids can be pleased very easily with smores.

  4. Good luck Greg and Jenny. Eddie and I tried that with the family. Let’s just say, I would rather have my teeth drilled. One thing I can suggest, forget about the scary stories around the campfire. For some reason we always felt compelled to do that, and it always had bad consequences i.e. no sleep LOL On the other hand, we had friends who lived for camping. I, too, vote for Holiday Inn!!

  5. CAMPING IS THE BEST! You’re kids will love it. Most importantly, it’s about making memories with your kids even if it is hard work. My new favorite quote is from the pastor at GCC,” Don’t judge a day by it’s weather.” It’s all about attitude and relationships. Camping is a great way to dive deeper into relationships. So go and don’t worry about relaxing, it’ll just happen!

  6. We LOVE camping! Especially in a tent! We even went camping in Nashville, TN when our youngest (#4) was only 3 weeks old! Our oldest was 5, #2 was 3, and #3 was 20 monthes! But, I have to say that my husband helps me out on the meals and clean up so that we can all go together to do the fun stuff, like hiking, swimming, and fishing. I might suggest taking a loud fan for sleeping. It drowns out all the noise so that you can sleep good. The kids will probably be so tired (from all the fun) that they will sleep like a baby! Camping is some of our favorite memories! Try it, I think you’ll like it!

    • So what is obvious…is that people live in the extremes when it comes to camping! Either love it or hate it.

      I just turned down an offer to take a 25 foot trailer/camper instead of doing the tent thing. I’m thinking I might regret that!

  7. We camped. It was always good for memories! Mom wanted to have camping as a part of our experience growing up. We camped one weekend in a tent. The next time we went out it was in a pop-up camper (Jennie just started crawling, like the day before we left, in the pop-up). Shortly after that the 30ft camping trailer (more room for baby and everyone else).

    I would have taken the trailer you were offered. All the fun of camping with all the fun of a real bed, a kitchen, and AC. :o)

  8. Go for it at least one time!! We had 10 years of 3 sons in Scouting and there was always that annual “campout” . The thing is to remember to take PLENTY of mosquito spray, handi-wipes, and do not take anything that if it were lost you would be devastated! The campfires are great; marshmallows on a stick taste gourmet and remember to keep it simple! It was great fun as a “once in awhile” activity for our family & we had lots of stories that are still shared. Enjoy!

  9. Helloooooooooooo, you were offered a camper and turned it down?!? Jenny will probably be kicking you for that decision!! I suggest you start rehearsing the phrase, “Stay away from the fire. Stay away from the fire…” It will be your mantra for the weekend. We even tried spraying a bright orange “boundary” circle around the fire…it doesn’t help…just makes you look like the crazy, overprotective parents. But, you give it all a try…I’m sure you’ll love it! 🙂

  10. My only memory of camping was with my church youth group when I was in 8th grade. I don’t remember how long we were there but I do remember how “miserable” I was – it rained most of the time and we sloshed around in mud. GROSS!!!!! Give me Holiday Inn!!!! :-}

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