Where we are winning…

Today was my first back in the office after 2 weeks out…as most of you noticed my time off included a vacation from blogging also.  But I’m back in the rhythm now and we had one of my favorite meetings of the month this morning…our all staff meeting where the 20+ of us talk through what’s next at suncrest.

We always start with stories of where we are “winning” becuase it helps us keep right goals in sight — and in ministry that is often best done by story-telling. Iwas so inspired by these today….

-A lady who has had her life dramatically changed by our Celebrate Recovery ministry is now using twitter and a blog, finding it can reach many, many people who face the same challenges she is overcoming.

-One of our west campus staff went to our east campus in Merrillville on Sunday.  He said “It was great to see people I have never met not just attending, but serving!”

Reports from the seminar on Revelation were strong.  (I personally had two conversations on Sunday with people who loved having Dr. Lowery here!)

We had a team travel to New England last week on a mission trip to help one of our new churches with their “Camp Create”.  Incredible experience.

-Our HUGE Shipping Container to supply our African Ministry during ONE PRAYER is FULL.  It isn’t all sandals and flip flops, but they certainly have their section!

We had 7 baptisms on Sunday, each with their own powerful story of embracing this life of faith.  Children, adults, stories of God’s grace and one young man who serves our country and leaves for Iraq soon.

We had a team scheduled to go on a mission trip to Honduras next week…and because of the government coup that has changed.  The revised plan is for a place in Mexico.

There was more, but I couldn’t write fast enough!  I’m just thankful people in our church keep letting God work in them and through them.

~ by Greg Lee on July 7, 2009.

One Response to “Where we are winning…”

  1. I’m celebrating with you guys. Keep the stories coming because, from my standpoint, they are what get my heart excited about what God is doing and definitely put flesh on it more than just vague percentages or numbers.

    Thanks, praying for you guys, excited to see what God continues to do in this Church that I love,

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