Museums and more

lew wallace famWe got a very cool tour of the capitol building today and Congressman Visclosky even came to greet us and take a picture with us on the Capitol steps.  The picture here is our family in front of the Lew Wallace statue in the old house chamber.  Each state gets two statues and this is one of ours from Indiana.  Jenny is actually pretty sure she is a descendant of Lew Wallace through her mom’s side of the family. 

It was actually a big day in the House of Representatives as they voted on a major climate change bill.  We got to see some of the debate in the chamber.

jack butterflyAfter a stop for shade and refreshment on the National Mall, we went to the Natural History Museum.  The kids loved the dinosaurs and everything else, but I think their highlight was the live butterfly environment we got to walk through.  Here is Jack obviously sitting next to a very large butterfly.

~ by Greg Lee on June 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Museums and more”

  1. Oh wow! I hope you also had the chance to visit the wonderful Native American Museum there. I hope to see it “one day”….our family has an honorary place on the wall for the boys late father as a benefactor at the very beginnings of getting the museum started…….so glad you are having such a grand journey and seeing so many wonderful things!

    • Hi Martha,

      I wish we had made it there now! That is very cool. We saw it from the outside and it is a beautiful structure. You have to get out here sometime. It is an amazing city.

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