Friends @ the zoo

jack sydneyI caught this picture of Jack and his friend Sydney today at the National Zoo.  We had a great day catching up with the Whitt Family. 

They were at Suncrest a few years ago and we became quick friends.  Working for the government has them all around the world, but we vacationed at their place in Monterrey, Mexico a couple years ago and now they are in Washington DC…so we are here.  Makes for a fun (and relatively inexpensive) vacation.  They go to Ethiopia next…who knows?

It was great catching up with them, seeing their kids grow, and driving through Washington.  Jenny and I were here about 13 years ago for a grand total of 24 hours, so it’s nice to have some time now.  Tomorrow we get a special tour of the capitol building that was arrangened through our Congressman’s office.  Should be fun!

~ by Greg Lee on June 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Friends @ the zoo”

  1. So adorable!

  2. Greg, you should have come by and visit me as I’m in the area serving down in Stafford, VA!

    • Hey scott…good to hear from you! Hope all is well in Stafford. We’re hanging out with our friends on Sunday otherwise I would drive down!


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