One last post…

golf 1Our family is heading out for vacation so I may or may not post for a while.  If I do, it will be family stuff, not ministry stuff. 

I’ve actually taken the whole week off so I’ll post some pics/highlights.

-I started Monday morning playing Golf with an old friend.  Jeremy Brown was a youth pastor in Dyer when I was youth pastor at Suncrest and we did a ton of stuff together.  We later found out that we share a wedding anniversary…day and year!  Pretty ironic that we played golf together on the day we both celebrated 13 years of marriage, eh?  (Jeremy is pictured looking for his ball in the creek.  We did this much of the day.)

golf 2Later Monday, our whole family was pulling weeds at the church (in section Jenny and the kids volunteered to cover).  I went inside with Jack and he put his flip-flops in the HUGE box that was overflowing from Sunday.  He actually had a dilemma because there was a part of him that really wanted to keep the flip-flops for himself.  After he tossed them in, he totally said…”I liked them, but did you know giving them makes you feel happier than keeping them?”

golf 4Monday afternoon, I went back to the golf course with Jack.  It was the first time we played this year and we had an absolute blast.  He’s very natural at it so I’m always impressed with his score.  He’s also starting to focus more (which helps a lot in golf!).  And, of course, he loved riding in the cart, using the ball washer (every hole if I let him!), walking on the island green, and sitting down for a root beer afterwards. 

golf 3After a big weekend, it was great to have a day like this. Now, we are gearing up to go see friends out of town.

~ by Greg Lee on June 23, 2009.

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