Father’s Day Reflections

Had a great Father’s day today on a few fronts…

…Jack and Abby…they are a gift from God in my life, each in their unique way.  Among other things, we found the ice cream truck this afternoon and they were all smiles.

…I talked to my Dad on the phone.  He means the world to me.  I was thinking about him often listening to the Father’s Day sermon today.  In today’s world, we are always very sensitive in talking about God as Father because so many people did not have a healthy experience with their own dads growing up.  Me?  I feel like I understand the nature of God as Father because I have an earthly father who embodies so many of HIS qualities.

…Finished up our ONE PRAYER message series at West Campus with a video message.  East campus uses them 70% of the time and it was good for the St. John campus to experience the dynamic.  I’ve only heard positive things!

…We had great crowds this morning!  Unfortunately that is not always the case for churches on Father’s Day.  Maybe it was because everyone came super-casual…that was fun!

…I saw so many people walking around barefoot after the service…loved that too!  We were OVERFLOWING with donations of sandals and flip-flops for the AFRICA container.  They will be so grateful!

…We took my father-in-law out for lunch as they finished their visit to town.  It was a great weekend and Jenny is a champ as a hostess.  Had a wide variety of people in town/at our house/that we were feeding and she made it run so smoothly.  She’s the one who should have received the special treatment today!

~ by Greg Lee on June 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Father’s Day Reflections”

  1. Jenny needs special treatment EVERY DAY!!!!!! I’m sure you give it to on most days.

  2. I can’t imagine there ever being a “successful” pastor without the complement of a wonderful, supporting wife. You two are a great match, and we’re blessed to have you.

  3. Just wanted to say “Thanks!” It was a fun way to celebrate our fathers today! The box of flip flops and sandals is overflowing and that didn’t include EAst Campus! I am so thankful to our “father” to stir hearts at Suncrest this weekend!! It was awesome to see so many people after services taking the shoes off their feet and giving to those in need!! Two highlights from Sunday came from the Doyle kids zip tying the sandals together and throwing them into the bin and loving every minute of it! The other was Aiden Bevan (4yrs.) taking off his shoes and telling me….”Miss Denise, these don’t fit me anymore, so I’m giving these to a boy in Africa who can wear them.” He was smiling ear to ear which brought tears to my eyes!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday in every way. It was great to see Pastor Greg and the one prayer series was brilliantly done. I was bed ridden (bad cold) all of Saturday. My daughter said the following day I would be feeling much better after Suncrest. I drank the code root beer without any ill effects. Cold or no cold, I wasn’t passing up a root beer on Dad’s day. As we were all leaving shoeless I asked her how did she know that I would feel better. Almost 180 degree turn around from the day before. She said “once you got a little God in you I knew you would feel better. “ She is seven and radiant! God is…radiant! Happy Father’s Day Greg!

  5. It’s such a sad thing that our relationships with our earthly fathers affect the way we relate to our Heavenly Father….I live in a country that is filled with single mothers (South Africa)and men who simply are not there for their children…..but I believe that God will do a great work in our nation as Godly sons and daughters are rising up….

    My husband, who is a pastor of our campus ministry also shared some thoughts on his blog:

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