ONE PRAYER @ Faith Church

faithFor me, there’s nothing like being at Suncrest on a Sunday morning.  But today I had the privilege of teaching at Faith Church as part of our ONE PRAYER series that we are doing with them and a couple thousand other churches around the world.

Faith’s Pastor Bob Bouwer and I had were both super excited about teaching at each other’s church.  We actually got to see each other briefly at the end of the morning and all I can say is this:  if our churches had half as good of an experience as each of us had, I’m confident we can call it a success.

Here’s a few reflections on my experience at Faith Church this weekend…

-Great hospitality…their staff and volunteers went out of their way to serve me.  I sent a text to Bob after Saturday night’s service letting him know they shined.

-Commitment to excellence (you all know I love this).  This church doesn’t do things half-way.  EVERYTHING was well done.

-I was able to confirm that my cubs/cardinals jokes work everywhere, not just suncrest. 🙂

-Fascinated by their concept of “The Well”…an informal place people gather to worship with a live feed from the main worship area.

-It was great to run into some people I have connections with.  I must have had 30 people tell me “My friend/sister/neighbor/son goes to Suncrest.”  On top of that I talked to a lady who used to cut my hair, a lady on Jenny’s soccer team, and more.

-A true radius….let me explain.  I’ve been in Northwest Indiana for 13 years and every church I have known in the area hits an invisible barrier…the state line.  When we were meeting at Lake Central High School, we would have dozens of families from from Crown Point, Lowell, Merrillville, Griffith, all the way up to Whiting which were 10-15 miles away, but very, very few from Illinois, though it was only a few miles away.  My research was hardly scientific, but from so many conversations today my sense is that Faith Church has quite clearly broken through that barrier.

-Faith Church is a great church…and more importantly a Godly church.  Jesus prayed that his followers would be ONE so that we could change the world.  Can’t think of another church I’m more excited about sharing that mission with.  Thanks for a great day, Faith Church.

~ by Greg Lee on June 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “ONE PRAYER @ Faith Church”

  1. If I’m not mistaken, Faith is a church plant of sorts from a church in Lansing, which would certainly help break that barrier. (Confirm, anyone?) I also have connections there. My best friend from high school goes there :+) I’ve been there for a few events, and yes, they do things well. And they have a great prayer ministry!

    • Partly correct, Lynn. The church actually moved to Dyer from South Holland about 6 years ago, so they do have Illinois Roots.

      And they do have a nice prayer ministry. Had a couple people pray for me/with me before the Saturday evening services…


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