out of town – Indy

jack indyI’ve missed blogging the last couple days while I was out of town. I took the whole family for a wedding I was performing for Laura VanWeelden — their family attended suncrest before moving to Arizona a few years ago.

It was at a beautiful facility called “The Scottish Rite Cathedral”.  Breath-taking. 

-We stayed downtown and the kids loved walking to the memorial on “The Circle”.  The waterfalls were their favorite.

– Our room was on the 15th floor and the swimming pool was on the 19th floor.  The kids got to swim while I was performing the ceremony. They loved it!

-Earlier on Friday, our whole family spent much of the day at the Indy Children’s Museum.  Parts of it were closed, but we still didn’t get through the whole thing.  Great place!  (Jack is pictured digging for dinosaur bones).

-While we were walking to the rehearsal dinner at the Weber Grill Restaurant, the skies opened and absolutely let loose and we got drenched!  Abby got a little scared of the “Funder”

-We walked a couple blocks to Dunkin Donuts Friday morning and guess who we saw as we were walking in?  Megan Stas from suncrest.  I did her wedding a couple years ago and she now lives and works in Indy.  Wild.

Just got back form teaching at Faith church tonight.  Great experience.  I’ll write more about that tomorrow.

~ by Greg Lee on June 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “out of town – Indy”

  1. We were in downtown Indy this weekend, too. Watched the fireworks from our hotel room Friday night. It was fun.

    I’m curious what you thought about Weber Grill. I’ve always wanted to go there, but I’ve read mixed reviews.

    • It was decent. I liked the food a lot, but we were part of a rehearsal dinner in a private room so we didn’t get a realistic feel for the restaurant and the service.

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