Am I addicted?

nate ordinationI can’t get Sunday out of my head.  (Maybe it is because I’m going to replay it this Sunday at Faith Church?)  I started by talking about how there is nothing more motivating to me than changed lives.

I love dramatic changes and I love people who just take those first baby steps…It doesn’t matter.  I just fundamentally believe that God’s plan for you is NOT to stay the same.

So I got more good news today.  On Sunday we had 13 people respond to the invitation to follow Christ and we believe 11 of those were for the very first time.  Incredible.  I emailed the elders and staff and I think Sue’s reply said it all.  It was simply “YES!!!!”

Then today I also read what Nathan McConnaughhay wrote on his blog about our elders ordaining him in to ministry.  He says some kind things about our church…and I’m just thankful that his life was shaped in new ways here.  You can read his whole post here.

I love when our mission is fulfilled and lives are changed.  And I’m driven to keep leading toward that.  I don’t think I’ve ever been addicted to anything, but maybe these are the feelings it generates???

~ by Greg Lee on June 9, 2009.

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