It’s 5:45am on Sunday Morning…

At this time every Sunday I’m in my routine.  Here’s what happens pretty much every week:

-Feeling tired…because I stayed up too late with the sermon.

-Getting nervous…about teaching.  After 13 years, still happens every Sunday.

-Posting…the Big Idea of my sermon on twitter/facebook.

-Reading the paper…online, might try to fit something in the message from it.

-Praying…especially for East Campus as they start setting up at the theater soon.

-Praying…for other pastors and churches around the country (and world).  See what many of them are doing on twitter.

-Drinking…the biggest Vanilla Iced Coffee I can order

-Working through…the message.  Changing things.

-Meeting…with mediashout/powerpoint people at 6:50 and sound check at 7:35 before first service at 8:00.

-Thanking God…that I get the chance to teach his word every Sunday to so many people with open hearts.

~ by Greg Lee on June 7, 2009.

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