One Prayer

I can’t wait for the next few weeks.  Starting this Sunday at West campus and next Sunday at east campus we launch ONE PRAYER.  This will be kind of long so just feel free to read the sections below you are interested in:

The Background

ONE PRAYER is a worldwide movement of churches.  This year over 1600 churches with almost a million people will be doing this message series all at the same time.  The name ONE PRAYER represents Jesus prayer right before he went to the cross, asking the father that ALL Christians be unified so the Grace of God could be spread.  This year, we are focusing on core qualities of God.  Most churches participating have their lead pastor speak the first week and then use video of other participating pastors on the other weeks, but we have a unique arrangement for that…

Working with Faith Church

While we have our uniqueness, Suncrest and Faith Church in Dyer share a heart for reaching our region and working together.  Faith Church is doing the ONE PRAYER series also and during week 2, I’ll go share my message there and Bob Bouwer (Faith’s pastor) will come here to share his.  On the third week, both of our churches will use video teaching for the father’s day weekend from one of the best communicators in the country.  We have some cool stuff planned…

A Regional Cause

Think about this.  Suncrest has locations in St. John and Merrillville/Hobart.  Faith Church has locations in Dyer, Cedar Lake and soon will have one in Valpo.  One the first Sunday, both churches are going to give cool bracelets to everyone to wear for the month.  When you see someone at a baseball game or the grocery store with the same bracelet, you may not know if they are from your campus, another campus of your church, or another church, but you will know we represent ONE PRAYER.

A Worldwide Cause

Part of our effort as we work with a global network of churches is to meet a global need.  Since we have become more invested in our Liberia, Africa partnership, we have arranged to have a shipping container on our west campus and fill it with supplies that will help our sister church over there and also the mission trip Suncrest will send their next February.  (Cool story…a guy in our church works for a company that ships these huge containers and he got us one for free!  Thanks, Josh!)  Below is the list of items we are collecting….which you can bring to your campus through the ONE PRAYER Series.

Suncrest, this is HUGE…and FUN.  I can’t wait to see the way God works through it.

Suggestted Items for the Shipping Container to Africa


PERSONAL NEEDS Soap, Ziploc bags,  Shampoo, Hand sanitizer, Deodorant, Toothbrushes-adults and kids,  Toothpaste


VBS – Crayons, Copy Paper, Colored Paper, Construction Paper, Markers, Colored Yarn 


MISC. – Used School Textbooks, Bible Study Materials – Women/Men/Couples, Kids Books, Parenting Books, Balls, Dolls

MEDICAL SUPPLIES   Tylenol, Children’s Tylenol (Advil, ibuprofen etc.),     Vitamins-adults and kids, Dollar store – eye glasses, Medical gauze, Medical gloves

~ by Greg Lee on June 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “One Prayer”

  1. This looks like an awesome initiative. I can’t wait to hear more about it!!


  2. I am really excited about this series. Just wanted to let you know, Brian and I saw the sign on the buiolding that Faith Church is going into in Valpo on Sturdy Rd. It is neat how churches with one goal can change lives for Christ!

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