Technology and Life (and Church)

This isn’t a thought through blog post as much as kind of sharing a “stream of consciousness”.

There is a huge conversation going on right now about the role of technology and particularly social networking (like facebook and twitter) in life, in business, and in church.  It’s fascinating for anyone who is interested in emerging trends, but personally I have noticed that some of the conversations are turning pretty negative.

Here are two articles that are TOTALLY worth reading if you have an interest (or resistance) to this at all:

MSNBC Article

Origins Blog Post

This is just my observation, but I think we need to make sure we are engaged with this more than ever to be relevant in our culture.  

Still here is the ugly side of the debate:

  • I am finding more and more a pride and a snobbish vibe from those who use this technology and can’t believe “those people” who don’t get it.  It smacks of the “in” group and the “out group” on the playground or higher socio-economic classes that think less of “those people” with less.  The truth is, people legitimately have different perspectives about it…and I don’t think it is healthy to have a “If you were really cool you would twitter” perspective.  The arrogance actually repels people from it.


  • There is also the other side of it…those who are decidedly against the twitter/facebook movement and almost campaign against it.  At best, they do so from a misunderstanding.  Sometimes, you get the sense they do it out of defensiveness.  At worst, they have decided the world should never change around them and they are going to take pot shots at it usually using “straw men” arguments.


If you know me, you know I love using some of these technologies and I love encouraging others to use it, but want I never want to send the message that “you are lame if you don’t”.

Your thoughts?

~ by Greg Lee on June 3, 2009.

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